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Aquelarres, 2021 

Written by Joel Wilsher, Directed by Madeline Wall, Puppet Design by Robert McGrady, The Birth Play Project. Photos by Shane Morgan.

Terry Longview, 2019, 2020  

Divised public performance, Directed and written by Robert McGrady and Wesley Hortenbach, Puppetry Design by Robert McGrady, Music by Wesley Hortenbach. Photos by Regina Marie Williams.

Performers pictured: Killian Coffinet-Crean, Wesley Hortenbach, Hannah Leatherbarrow, Robert McGrady, Katelyn McLane, Em Rosenberg

A Day in the Moo Life, 2019

Written and starring Sabrín Diehl, Video shot by Robert McGrady.

The Skriker, 2020 

Written by Caryl Churchill, Directed by Lisa Channer, Puppet Design by Robert McGrady, University of Minnesota Theatre and Dance Department. Photos by Dan Norman.